Decision Making Bodies

Based on the type of development proposal, once planning applications are submitted by Agents these are circulated to referral agencies for them to assess and provide comments based on their respective areas of expertise, policies, laws and guidelines. Not all types of applications are circulated to the same referral agency.

For instance an application for a retaining wall is circulated to Development Control Engineer for assessment but not to the Public Health Authority. However, referral agencies such as the Department of Environment, Development Control Office and Department of Community Development receive all full planning applications that are submitted.

The diagram below is an illustration of the different Committees that provide recommendations to the Planning Authority Board after assessing comments received from referral agencies and after visiting sites where necessary.

The Planning Authority Board, which is currently chaired by Mr.
The Technical Sub-Committee meetings are chaired by Mr Terry Biscornet (Deputy CEO PA) who was appointed in July 2019.
The Minor Works Committee meetings are chaired by Mr.
The Utilities Committee meetings are chaired by Mr. Terry Biscornet (DCEO.
Upon refusal of a planning application, an applicant or its Agent has the right to submit an appeal to the Minister of Land Use and Housing within a period o
Upon receipt of requests for new licenses, upgrading or renewal of existing licenses, SLA forwards applications to Planning Authority for recommendation.
The Contractors License Recommendation Panel, set up by the CEO of Planning Authority is responsible to vet the credentials and competency documents provided
The Planning Authority Board, which is currently chaired by Mr.