Minor Works Committee

The Minor Works Committee meetings are chaired by Mr. Govin Pillay (Senior Engineer).The Minor Works Committee on the other hand, considers minor residential developments within seven days or less after submission date.

Developments classified as Minor Works require Planning Authority permission and in all cases require full compliance with laid out application procedures and Building Regulations Act of the Town and Country Planning Act, CAP 237.

The scope of minor works is outlined;

  • Extension to dwelling house
  • Ancillary buildings
  • Improvement or alteration to a dwelling house
  • Construction of retaining walls, boundary walls, fences, gates or other means of enclosure up to 1.5m in height
  • Temporary buildings (e.g sheds – closed/open, storage facilities, hoardings, site offices etc…)
  • Forestry Buildings (e.g forest stations, huts lookout posts etc…)
  • CERT applications (refer to Minor Works Form for more details)
  • CPS and limited DC (subdivision applications) - refer to Minor Works Form for more details

For additional conditions for Minor works application please refer to Minor Works Form below.

Minor works form 15 Jan 2016 41.29 KB Download