Planning Authority Board

The Planning Authority Board, which is currently chaired by Mr. Cyril Bonnelame is made up of four personnel representing the private sector in addition to seven other members representing key Government Ministries and Agencies, namely:

  • Tourism, Environment,
  • Public Health,
  • Transport,
  • Culture,
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation and
  • the Consultant for Reclamation Works.

With the technical and administrative support of a Secretariat consisting of the CEO of Planning Authority, Deputy CEO, the Senior Development Control Officer and Senior Planning Officer (Secretary to the Board), Board members’ mandates are to review and prepare construction development guidelines and land use related policies and guidelines for approval, as well as decide on planning applications approving different types of physical use of land which involve subdivisions, construction of buildings and infrastructure development.

Planning Authority Board Members are also required to conduct site visits, receive and review recommendations from the three Committees; Sub-committee, Minor Works Committee and Utilities Committee and decide on applications and other related cases.

Recommendations made by the three Committees are compiled and circulated as reports to the Planning Authority Board every Fridays for consideration and decisions are communicated to developers and Agents by post, email and or telephone during the following week.


Board members

Mr. Cyril Bonnelame
Chairman - Private Sector Representative
Mr. Patrick Lablache
Member - Consultant Reclamation Works
Mr. Wilson Nancy
Member - Private Sector Representative
Mrs. Nanette Laure
Member - ENV Representative
Mrs. Sinha Levkovic
Member - Tourism Representative
Dr. Jude Gedeon
Member - Public Health Commissioner
Mr. Patrick Andre
Member - PS Transport
Mr. Barry Assary
Member - IEA Representative
Mr. Steve Mussard

Secretariat staff

Ms. Angela Servina
Board Secretariat - CEO Planning Authority
Mr. Terry Biscornet
Board Secretariat - Deputy CEO
Mrs. Lindy Zoe
Board Secretariat - Senior Processing Officer