Strategic and Land Use Planning Unit

  • Is mandated to work on strategic development policies and guidelines that relates to construction designs and use of land. These are then submitted to the Planning Authority Board for review and approval.
  • This unit plays a vital role in assessing planning applications based on approved land use plans and land classifications.
  • It is also mandated to prepare and or review land use  and development plans including long term strategic plans.
  • It assesses planning applications based on approved land use plans and land classifications and density threshold.
  • It reviews and update information related to development plans and land use plans
  • The Unit receives and provides pre-planning advise pertaining feasibility of developments in relation to the land use classification and allocated density threshold.
  • It conducts public consultations related to projects that can potentially have major social impact nationally or on the community within which such development proposals are being proposed. Some examples of such proposals are churches, land use plans and development plans.