Utilities Committee

The Utilities Committee meetings are chaired by Mr. Terry Biscornet (DCEO. The Committee consist of technical representatives from different pertinent referral agencies and are mandated to visit sites to assess feasibility of development proposals for various respective types of planning applications and forward, by means of weekly reports, recommendations to the Planning Authority Board. 

The technical Sub-committee and Utilities Committee consider major development applications and utility services development applications respectively, and considers applications for major projects, during the second to third week after submission date.

The Utilities Mandate includes the following:

  • Deal with All planning applications submitted by the Utilities; SLTA & those having a direct impact on any utility
  • Coordinate all works to be undertaken by any utility (i.e. commencement notice should be issued and all the utilities informed accordingly)
  • Ensure that utilities plan their works for the year so that any trenching and laying of utility is done in a simultaneous and coordinated manner
  • Ensure that the members of the committee are informed by text, phone call or e-mail prior to undertaking any repair works (an exceptional emergency accepted)
  • Have the mandate to stop any works not according to plan; conditions; no commencement notice or not having informed the committee members (with the possibility to fine the contractor)
  • Any other mandate issued by; the CEO, Board or Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport.