Architects , Draughtsman, Engineers, Surveyors learn more about the New Physical Planning Act.

Every Year the Seychelles Planning Authority organized a customary workshop for all its License Agents including Architects, Draughtsman, Engineers, Surveyors to learn more about the New Physical Planning Act.

This Year the Agencies that assist Planning in assessing Applications as well as other regulatory bodies were also present in the workshop which was held on the 6th of September 2017 at the Independence House New Annex Building 6th Floor.

The workshop started by a warm welcome followed by an introductory remark from the CEO for the Authority followed by a detailed presentation of the Physical Planning Bill which will replace the town and country Planning Act 1972 presented by the Consultant for the Authority. The Fair Trading Commission made a presentation on the provisions of the consumer Protection Act relating to the construction Sector. DICT on its part presented the module for the on-line payment and digital signature for Planning Applications. The latter is first of its kind in Seychelles. The workshop ended with a presentation by the Deputy CEO for the Authority providing all participants and representative with information on the Propose new measures which is to be implemented by the Authority in 2018 to further improve the services it offers.

All present interacted with the presenters through a discussion platform and many ideas were contributed to the process as well as concerns and critics raised.