Amidst the pandemic, the Planning Authority organized its annual meeting with its referral agency partners on Tuesday 2nd September 2021 at the Maison Football at Roche Caiman. Strict  public health protocols and measures were adhered to.
The turnout for the meeting was excellent. The aim of the meeting was to interact with the partners on the good work done and also to discuss areas where improvements are needed, in order to offer a better service to the public. The CEO Planning Authority, stressed on the need to ease and facilitate the lives of developers through the services offered. Each agency now has to internally re-look at their respective policies and guidelines and provide minimum acceptable criteria which will then be forwarded to the Authority for dissemination to agents and developers.
The Planning Authority is satisfied with the overall meeting and the CEO did not miss the chance to thank all the agencies for their hard work as well as her staff for working together to ensure everything went smoothly.

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