“The Planning Authority Management team met with the Ministry of Local Government in a meeting held at the Roche Caiman DA hall on Wednesday 22nd September 2021, to discuss on matters of importance to both entities as a means of re-affirming their collaborations and working relationship. The Minister for Lands & Housing; Mr. Billy Rangasamy, under which the Planning Authority falls, encourages such inter-Ministerial exchanges as a means to strengthen working relationships and liaisons within government. A similar session was held by the Planning Authority with its referral agency partners, earlier in the month of September 2021. One of the main components of the meeting had to do with a training given to the DAs on the use of the e-planning system. Since all districts have seen a change in DAs, it was found necessary to have a fresh training session with them. The DAs were guided step by step, on how to access and manipulate the system. In addition, training and guidance were provided on the type of assessment that is required from the DAs. The Authority also introduced all its staff to the Ministry of Local Government and the DAs and provided a brief insight on the job done by each unit of the Authority. The session was a very interactive one, whereby open discussions took place and concerns on both sides were debated upon. The DG, Local Government; Mrs. Raymonde Benstrong, expressed her appreciation in respect of the meeting and encouraged the new vigour in working relationship between her Ministry and the Planning Authority. The CEO of the Planning Authority, closed off the meeting by thanking the Ministry of Local Government and all the DAs for their attendance and active participation in the session and expressed the Authority’s desire for a continued strong working relationship with the Ministry.”

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