Anse Royal Commercial Development Plan

The Anse Royale district is well serviced with basic facilities such as a Police station, Post office, Hospital, Bank, Petrol station, shops, etc...

However exists the need to increase the number of commercial buildings in that area. This proposal aim in improving and increasing commercial development at Anse Royale.


  • Propose ideas for commercial development to designated site.
  • Development should reflect Seychelles Creole /traditional architecture.
  • Proposals should be pedestrian friendly in terms of infrastructure, pavements, pedestrian crossings, railings, ramps etc.....
  • Buildings should not exceed two stories.

The Anse Royale Commercial Centre development plan   aims   to   ensure   that   the objectives of the planning requirements for this area is met. The area should be designed in a way as to attract both the locals and tourists and protection  of  the  coastal  vegetation  and  the creation of  new  green  areas  are  crucial  for  these developments.