Anse Royal Redevelopment Park

The Anse Royale beach park is one of the places where locals and tourists gather for leisure activities mostly during weekends. Major activities are held in this area such as the ‘BAZAR ROYAL’.

The Anse Royale beach park provides ideal conditions for such gatherings with its large canopy of takamaka trees that provides shade and freshness along with the sea breeze.

However due to the increased number of people accessing the park there is a need to redevelop and upgrade the parks facilities and terrain conditions.


  • This proposal aims at complementing the existing atmosphere where people go to socialize as a family or friends.
  • As part of the redevelopment process of the plateau area of Anse Royale, the proposed ‘BEACH PARK’ is expected to provide a range of entertainment facilities for both visitors and locals.
  • This highly valuable waterfront area will comprise mostly of land uses that complement and conserve the natural environment.
  • Essential facilities and services such as café, beach bar, parking space, seating areas, barbeque facilities, public toilets etc. are being promoted within the area.
  • People will be able walk around this new focal point to participate in the various leisure activities or take a stroll to simply enjoy the beauty of the sea and the environment in general.