Victoria Waterfront Master Plan

Creation of waterfront parks (green open spaces) to act as a public meeting points. These open spaces can provide for live entertainments such as music performance, public seating and public art. Create water recreational activities such as canoeing/boating. Establishment of small kiosks along the Esplanade to accommodate for local vendors for selling of artisanal/local products. Create opportunities for small and medium entrepreneurs. Relocation of Yacht Club and moorings within Ile Hodoul marina. Relocation of the Marine Charter association and moorings within Ile Hodoul Marina. Enhancement of environmental and historic value of Ile Hodoul. Potential establishment of new Maritime Museum as part of the waterfront area. Additional reclamation of Ile Hodoul will create an opportunity for new marina berths, residential development, mixed use development landscaped parkland for outdoor events and walking/cycling trails.

The Victoria Waterfront will also include the development of the Victoria Bypass of which will feature an iconic bridge and used for light display and fireworks as a public attraction on national events.